Monday, March 31, 2008

Sixty: Hot Dog

Last year I accompanied the 5th graders on the Patrol trip to Tallahassee on a coach bus. Talk about comfortable! Leg room galore with a clean, cushy seat that cradled my ass with the kind of care reserved for leggy blondes at the Playboy Mansion. I slept. I knitted. I read. I got to see National Treasure. It was the most enjoyable travel experience of that last decade. On a bus.
So, when I tripped over an article in about a new service from the big dogs at Greyhound called BoltBus I was intrigued. The writer paid three dollars, not Euros, dollars to go one way from New York City to Washington DC. Three dollars!!!! You can't spend three bucks in gas getting out of the city, but that much money to go to DC is a gift from the travel gods. It's a fabulous concept. The guy who reported did have some criticisms. Apparently, the bus stop was not well marked in the city. I'm not sure how he couldn't spot a coach bus even in a sea of city buses, but it was a special challenge for him. He also said that the trip advertised a movie and he did not get a movie. I say, for three bucks, even if you're riding with a lap full of fresh clucking chickens and sitting next to a patchy old man holding a satchel of freshly made gorgonzola cheese, it's still a bargain in this time of economic peril.
BoltBus, oh BoltBus, you're a dream come true! Here's hoping you make your way down to Florida so we can all sit back and leave the driving to you.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fifty-nine:Mmmmm, Good

A blustery day like this begs for a comfort meal. There's none better than grilled cheese and tomato soup. Sure, we had to the Campbell's for the soup but from the herb garden came some fresh basil to give it a bit of well grown charm and sophistication. Now the sandwiches were another matter----American cheese? That's been debated on these pages before as I recall. Some people think only American cheese as that IS grilled cheese like no other. The way, I suppose, some people think about the right to bear arms, the designated hitter and the first Darren on Bewitched. All well and good to do what you want. I found some lush sourdough bread. Yes, white bread, come and get me Oprah, Dr. Oz, Bob Green and Dean Ornish, but don't even think about asking me for a bite. Next comes the olive oil slathered on the bread. Sizzle it fondly in the pan. Slice up some Brie, assemble it gently on the bread. Top with another slice of olive oil moistened sourdough. Flip, admire the browning and the smell that all Italians know as part of their breakfasts. Flip again to see the other side. Remove, plate up, cut down the middle and relish every bite because if you're not using the best things to enjoy something as simple and good as a meal, then what is the point?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fifty-eight: Six Word Autobiography

Married splendidly, grateful for the rest.