Sunday, June 1, 2008

Twelve Word Novel

My pal Bobby Rivers mentioned the Twelve Word Novel in his blog. Yes, it is what it sounds like: create a novel in 12 words. This was Bobby's creation: He told her the house was haunted. Now her head is backward. I love the whole anti-Michener vibe of such a task, so I offer this as mine: Finally he found his passionate soul mate. Pity it was his sister.
So anyone who is visiting, how about it? Tell me a story in exactly 12 words, that is if you have the sass, style and the cojones.


DiaBelo said...

"I had a house in Africa..." oh wait, somebody took that... hmmm, let's see. Here's a sequel for Cora's deeply disturbed, biblically foreshadowed tale:

Lot's wife became a pillar of salt. She preferred apocalypse to incest.

MJ said...

You have a talent for the short, short story. I'm still thinking.